Office-Based Surgery

Office Based Surgery Attorney

The ability to perform office-based surgery is extremely valuable, not only from a financial standpoint, but from a patient care standpoint as well. By cutting the hospital out of the equation, money is saved by the patient, by the doctor and even by the insurance company. Perhaps more importantly, it allows the patient to be monitored more closely by the doctor.

In the past, the primary method of being authorized to perform office-based surgery was certification as an ambulatory surgical center (ASC). These certifications are available in limited quantities and are a challenge to obtain. Now, the law allows a new option: accreditation for office-based surgery.

At the law firm of Abrams Fensterman, LLP, health law attorneys know how to work quickly to help medical practices become authorized to perform office-based surgery.

Structuring Medical Practices for Office-Based Surgery

A medical practice cannot simply request to be accredited to perform office-based surgery. There are regulatory compliance issues that must be addressed first, regulatory compliance issues that require a specific corporate structure.

Our attorneys can assist in structuring medical practices appropriately in order to obtain certification to perform office-based surgery, while avoiding liability related to Stark and anti-kickback laws, as well as other regulations.

Becoming Accredited to Perform Office-Based Surgery

Becoming accredited to perform office-based surgery can take a significant amount of time. Our experience means that we know how to maneuver through the process in an efficient manner.

Our lawyers will work with the appropriate accrediting bodies to demonstrate that our clients have the knowledge and the equipment to perform office based surgery.

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