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Experienced New York Mergers and Acquisitions Attorneys


At Abrams Fensterman, LLP, our corporate attorneys are renowned for their expertise in facilitating complex mergers and acquisitions across a spectrum of industries. With a respected presence in New York, our law firm represents both public and private entities ranging from startups to multinational corporations.


Considering a Merger? Explore Tailored M&A Strategies with Us


Whether you are looking to acquire a company or merge with another business, Abrams Fensterman provides a tailored approach to meet your strategic goals. We offer detailed due diligence, valuation insights, and innovative solutions for payment methods, tax implications, and more. We scrutinize every detail of a transaction to structure a deal that maximizes your benefits while minimizing risks.


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Recognized Expertise in Corporate Law


We have successfully managed a range of high-profile transactions, including strategic mergers for major tech firms and complex acquisitions for healthcare leaders, further establishing our reputation in the legal community. Abrams Fensterman is a proud recipient of distinctions from New York Law Journal, Best Lawyers, and SuperLawyers, marking us as a leader in corporate law. These accolades underscore our exceptional service and unwavering commitment to legal excellence.


Strategies for Real Estate Consolidation and Assets Mergers


With fluctuating markets and evolving regulations, managing significant real estate holdings demands expertise and agility. Our firm navigates these complexities effectively, particularly in sectors like country clubs, hotels, and corporate entities. Our expertise includes merging real estate assets, optimizing investment portfolios, and structuring transactions to enhance asset value and operational efficiency.


Early-Stage & Late-Stage M&A


From early-stage startups seeking initial growth opportunities to mature companies considering strategic exits or late-stage leveraged buyouts, our firm offers customized legal strategies for mergers & acquisitions. We understand the nuances of each stage of your entity and provide relevant legal guidance to ensure your business objectives are met.



Healthcare: As a leader in healthcare mergers and acquisitions, we provide comprehensive legal solutions, including regulatory compliance and complex transactions. Our attorneys are skilled in negotiating Management Services Agreements, employment contracts, and Operating and Shareholder Agreements essential for the smooth operations of healthcare businesses.


Technology: Ranging from acquisitions to equity investments, and the negotiation of technology and license agreements, our firm excels in assisting tech companies with all aspects of mergers and acquisitions. With a long track-record of successful corporate transactions, our team is equipped to ensure compliance with evolving regulations and safeguard intellectual property.


Manufacturing: We support manufacturers in executing mergers and acquisitions with strategic advice on a wide variety of challenges, ranging from supply chain management to international expansion, and labor relations. We have facilitated major transactions for clients in the automotive, textile, and electronics industries, helping them navigate the complexities of leveraged buyouts and operational efficiencies.


Food and Beverage: In the food and beverage industry, we handle the unique challenges associated with mergers and acquisitions, from FDA approvals to quality standards for transportation and storage. Our attorneys are proficient in managing co-packing, licensing, and distribution agreements essential for the success of these transactions.


Hospitality and Real Estate: Our attorneys have deep expertise in the hospitality sector, facilitating real estate acquisitions, financing, and development projects that often accompany mergers and acquisitions. With attorneys specializing in the acquisitions and mergers of country clubs and other hospitality businesses with significant real estate assets, we are equipped to facilitate smooth transitions.


QUICK INSIGHTS: Mergers and Acquisitions FAQS

  • Who is on your M&A team and why?  Discover tailored legal solutions for your private company mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, and alliances with the M&A team at Abrams Fensterman, LLP. Our team is led by esteemed attorneys Jill Braunstein and Vivian Breier, who bring decades of expertise to the table, having facilitated M&A deals for buyers and sellers of all sizes and complexities. We have a proven track record of successfully representing a wide range of clients, both domestic and international. With deal-making expertise across numerous industries, our M&A attorneys have particular strength handling transactions in healthcare, technology, electronics, financial services, manufacturing, and food & beverage.
  • What makes a successful M&A transaction?  Indispensable to the success of any transaction is a meticulously drafted acquisition agreement. We continuously scrutinize and negotiate the agreement to align with our client’s specific needs and we work closely with you throughout each step of the M&A process, from initial transaction structuring, comprehensive due diligence, negotiation, and documentation to post-closing integration.
  • Due Diligence – What’s Necessary & How?  For sellers, confidentiality is paramount. We ensure that sellers execute protective non-disclosure agreements before divulging any confidential information to potential buyers. Our team then guides our clients through the process of gathering necessary documentation and sensitive data, financial or otherwise, about your business. These meticulous details are indispensable when negotiating seller’s representations and warranties, as well as completing purchase agreement schedules.   From the buyer’s perspective, thorough due diligence is key in determining an equitable purchase price for the assets or equity of the targeted company. Understanding the unique nature of each deal, our team approaches transactions with an unwavering comprehension of each client’s goals and specific industry.
  • Who should a business owner look for as an M&A advisor?  The M&A attorneys at Abrams Fensterman provide client-specific legal solutions by deeply understanding the intricacies of their business and corporate culture. We understand that every deal is unique and requires a multidisciplinary approach. Collaborating with an array of experts who make up our deal team in areas such as real estate, employment, intellectual property, tax, and finance, helps to ensure every aspect of the deal is appropriately structured and executed with confidence.



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