Becoming a Guardian

Becoming a legal guardian to handle the personal needs or property management on behalf of incapacitated individuals can help address important outstanding issues such as paying bills, Medicaid planning, insurance benefits, asset protection, obtain needed care and services, and health care decisions. It is important to enlist an experienced attorney who can make certain all the right protections are in place.

At Abrams Fensterman, our attorneys have handled hundreds of legal guardianship cases over our years. We are frequently requested to become involved in complex guardianship cases by courts throughout New York and New Jersey for our experience with these matters.

Appointing a Guardian

Becoming a legal guardian requires an appointment by the court. Our lawyers assist our clients by advising them on all the obligations this role requires and making sure they understand their rights and responsibilities under the law. Once we are certain our clients understand and can handle these obligations, we advocate for their approval to become adult guardians.

Our practice also includes representing clients in adult guardianship disputes. When a family member opposes the appointment of a guardian, or has reason to believe an existing guardian is not fit for the role, we help protect our client's interest in the matter.

We understand that becoming a legal guardian is a sensitive issue. Our goal is to make the process go as smoothly as possible to help the family move forward with the comfort of knowing their loved one is protected and cared for.

Bringing Diverse Experience to Guardianship Cases

Abrams Fensterman brings together lawyers from a variety of disciplines ranging from estate planning to health law. Our combination of experience and diverse legal background enhances our ability to provide exceptional value and legal service to our clients. We pride ourselves on our well-rounded approach to guardianship cases.

To learn more about becoming a legal guardian, please contact our law firm on Long Island at 516-328-2300, in Brooklyn at 718-215-5300, White Plains at 914-607-7010, Rochester at 585-218-9999 or Albany at 518-535-9477 to schedule an initial consultation.


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