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New York Attorneys Advising on Buying or Selling Medical Practices

Buying or selling a business is not a particularly simple matter. When the business is a medical practice, an additional layer of complexity is added. There are unique regulatory compliance issues that need to be addressed.

At the law firm of Abrams Fensterman, LLP, our combined knowledge of business law and health law allows us to make these transactions successful for our clients.

Buying a Medical Practice

One of the critical challenges in buying a medical practice is finding the right practice to buy. As the go-to law firm for the medical profession, we have our fingers on the pulse of the field. Our attorneys are able to work with our clients to find practices that are a strong fit.

Once a practice is found, we will make certain that all compliance issues are addressed while buying a medical practice, particularly the fact that the business must be owned by a medical professional, such as an MD or a DO. Then, we bring our business skills to the table to structure a transaction that meets the needs of our client.

Selling a Medical Practice

The first step involved in selling a medical practice is perhaps the most complicated step: determining the value of the practice. Everything at a practice, from files to equipment, has a value. Our lawyers are able to assist in determining that value.

From there, we can assist in finding a buyer and negotiating a transaction that is favorable to our client.

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