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In a Newsday article focusing on Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone’s political fundraising, David Imamura, an election finance attorney, offers his take on the management of campaign accounts after leaving office.


Imamura was quoted, “There’s a lot of uses for money in a candidate’s campaign account after they’ve left office. You can use it for things that are seemingly campaign related for yourself one day, but it has to be politically related.”


Bellone, amid speculation about his future political endeavors, maintains a substantial campaign fund, recently reported at $379,609. The article delves into his ongoing fundraising efforts, noting significant donations from figures like Michael Bloomberg. Imamura’s commentary provides a legal perspective on how such funds might be used, focusing on their applications in politically related activities.


David Imamura’s contribution to the article brings a legal viewpoint to the conversation about campaign fund usage by politicians like Bellone. His insights highlight the complex regulations governing political fundraising, positioning him as a knowledgeable source in the realm of election finance law.


Click here to read the full article in Newsday

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