NYC Human Resources Administration Revises Policy on Verifying Social Security Income

By Nancy Levitin, and Moriah Adamo

A Medicaid Alert was issued on March 5, 2013 stating that the New York City Human Resources Administration ("NYCHRA") will no longer require applicants or recipients to verify their Social Security Benefits except in limited cases. NYCHRA already has access to this information electronically, so requiring the production of this information by the applicant or recipient is acknowledged to be unduly burdensome.

Caseworkers should now only request verification of Social Security Benefits where there is a discrepancy in the information available to them. For verification purposes, the Social Security Administration has an online tool that allows all Social Security recipients to obtain and print a benefit verification letter (detailed information available HERE).

PRACTICE TIP: If a NYCHRA caseworker, or the EDITS system, persists in requesting this documentation following the distribution of the Alert, Medicaid Coordinators should forward a copy of this Alert (available for download via MARC) to the caseworker along with a request for a written explanation of the discrepancy that prevents the Agency from using its electronic database.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This Medicaid Alert applies only to Social Security Benefits. Other forms of income, such as private pensions and annuity payments, must still be documented as part of the application and recertification processes.

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