Medical Licensing

New York Medical Licensing Attorneys

At the law firm of Abrams Fensterman, LLP, we represent doctors, nurses, dentists, chiropractors and all other medical professionals in license-related matters.

Obtaining and Maintaining a Medical License

Our attorneys have in-depth knowledge of the regulations that govern medical licenses. We help medical professionals obtain licenses for the first time. We also assist medical professionals in adhering to all of the necessary regulations that will allow them to keep their license for years to come.

Defending Against OPMC and OPD Investigations and Actions

We are available to step in as soon as a medical professional is aware that he or she is being investigated by either the Office of Professional Medical Conduct (OPMC) or the Office of Professional Discipline (OPD). By getting involved early, our lawyers are frequently able to fend off actions that could lead to the loss of a medical license.

If disciplinary action has already been initiated, we can provide a strong defense. We understand that a negative outcome in these matters could result in the loss of a medical license, which means the loss of a career. Our goal is to protect the careers of the medical professionals we represent.

Reapplying for a Medical License

When a medical license is suspended, getting it back is not a simple matter. Our lawyers know how to work with medical professionals to reapply for a license. We help professionals get their licenses back so they can get back to their careers.

Contact Our Law Firm

For further information about how we can help you with medical licensing issues, please contact our law firm on Long Island at 516-328-2300, in Brooklyn at 718-215-5300, White Plains at 914-607-7010, Rochester at 585-218-9999 or Albany at 518-535-9477 to schedule an initial consultation.


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