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How to Manage OPMC & OPD Investigations

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When medical professionals become subjects of OPMC investigations or actions with the Office of Professional Medical Conduct (OPMC), it is crucial for them to contact an attorney. When nurses, pharmacists, podiatrists, chiropractors and many other licensees become the subject of investigations or actions with the Office of Professional Discipline (OPD), it is critical for them to contact an attorney. Irrespective of the merit attached to each complaint, the State diligently examines every single complaint, including those submitted anonymously, or those that may seem frivolous to you. Accordingly, it is imperative that these investigations and actions be taken with paramount concern. Abrams Fensterman’s attorneys have an extremely high success rate in OPMC and OPD investigations and actions. We can work to endeavor to protect you as follows:


Legal Expertise: We will evaluate the case, facts, evidence, and/or any other available information to determine the best course of action to protect your rights and interests.


Protection of Rights: Accusations of potential medical wrongdoing can have serious consequences for a physician, including potential damage to your reputation, license suspension or revocation, legal penalties, and even imprisonment if the conduct results in criminal convictions. Our attorneys can ensure that your rights are protected throughout the legal process. We can advise you on how to navigate investigations, interviews, and any legal proceedings, ensuring that your interests are continuously safeguarded.


Legal Strategy and Defense: We can develop a sound legal strategy to defend you against the accusations. The vast majority of the time we are able to resolve OPMC and OPD investigations before they ever proceed forward to charges being brought. In the event a hearing is unavoidable, we will examine the evidence, gather additional evidence if necessary, interview and prepare witnesses, and build a strong defense strategy for your case. Our attorneys can also challenge any inconsistencies or weaknesses in the prosecution’s case and present counter arguments to protect your reputation and professional standing.


Settlement: In some cases, OPMC and OPD accusations of wrongdoing can be resolved through settlement negotiations rather than going to hearing. The attorneys at Abrams Fensterman can represent your interests during these negotiations, working to achieve the best possible outcome. We can help negotiate fair settlements, minimize potential damages, and protect your professional standing to the greatest extent possible.


Understanding the Legal System: The legal system can be complex and overwhelming for someone without legal training. Even more so when it comes to dealing with the Department of Health or the Department of Education. Our lawyers are familiar with the legal procedures, rules, and potential pitfalls that can arise during a case. We can guide you through the process, ensuring compliance with deadlines, procedural requirements, and other legal obligations.


Confidentiality: We are bound by attorney-client privilege, which means that any information shared between you and us remains confidential. This allows you to have open and honest discussions about the case without fear of the information being disclosed to others.


Overall, contacting a lawyer when subjected to OPMC investigations or OPD investigations is crucial to ensure your rights are protected, your defense is well-prepared, and you receive the best possible legal representation during a challenging and potentially life-altering situation.

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