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Well Sibling Syndrome: Carolyn Reinach Wolf in Psychology Today

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Attorney Carolyn Reinach Wolf, Executive Partner of Abrams Fensterman, LLP specializing in mental health law, was recently published in Psychology Today. Her article, titled “Focus Also on Your Well Children This Holiday Season,” brings crucial attention to “well sibling syndrome” in families dealing with mental illness.


In the article, Wolf highlights the unique challenges faced by well siblings — those in families where another member has significant mental, cognitive, or physical challenges. These siblings often experience feelings of neglect due to the intensive focus on the family member with the health issues. Wolf notes, “These individuals often have their needs de-prioritized as a direct result of their siblings’ diagnoses and end up feeling invisible.”


Wolf presents the opportunity for families to use the holiday season as an opportunity to reevaluate and potentially adjust their focus to include the well siblings. In the article, she explains legal strategies such as trusts, estate planning and third-party guardianships to help redistribute familial attention and resources. This approach is beneficial not only for the well-being of well siblings but also for fostering a balanced family environment.


Carolyn Reinach Wolf is an Executive Partner in the law firm of Abrams Fensterman, LLP and Director of the Firm’s Mental Health Law practice. She is the only attorney in the country with a family-focused mental healthcare practice.


Click here to read the full article in Psychology Today.

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