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Mental Health Law: A 24/7 Practice

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When you are looking for an effective solution to navigating the complexities of mental health issues and the law, what are the most important ingredients? Teamwork and leadership!


When navigating the complex systems of clinical care and legal rights one size does not fit all.  The best solution often requires ongoing collaboration and cooperation from a variety of mental health professionals to achieve the best outcome for our clients.  There is a strong need for resources and referrals to formulate the best plan, thinking “outside of the box” is often required particularly when the legal options available do not fit challenges which we deal with every day.  It is a 24/7 practice and commitment for all involved, both clients and professionals. Many urgent or emergent matters do not present themselves Monday to Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM, quite the contrary.  The “mental health tool kit” which we have created, by definition needs more than a single practitioner to effectively and efficiently, in a most cost-effective way, be able to provide mental health law services.  Years of practice and expertise has been time tested to obtain the best results for our clients.


One other unique aspect to our mental health law practice is the experience of Director, Carolyn Reinach Wolf, Esq, who worked in healthcare prior to becoming an attorney and starting this practice.   A comprehensive knowledge of healthcare systems, understanding what clinicians do, an ability to read medical records and reports, and teaching incoming staff to this practice, helps to properly navigate and maintain a successful mental health law practice.  As psychiatry is the only area of medicine so closely linked to the legal system, it only makes sense to have the experience and expertise to combine the two.  That is also why it is difficult to duplicate what we offer, that is why clients should be aware when other practitioners profess to do this, particularly without the vital team approach.


There is a good reason when a potential client googles mental health lawyer our name first is on top.   We remain the national leaders in the practice of mental health law.  There is a good reason we get referrals from attorneys, current and former clients, mental health professionals and organizations, as well as institutions of higher learning. We have been the recognized leader in the mental health law field for over 30 years and continue to carry on the tradition with which this practice began.  Our team is happy to collaborate and coordinate with other practitioners as this is the best road to a successful outcome when that is possible for our clients.  As the saying goes, “no man [attorney] is an island,” and a successful and longstanding mental health law practice certainly bears that out.


The attorneys in our mental health law practice work tirelessly in both the legal field and with mental health care providers, to bring about an effective, efficient and safe intervention in the best interest of our clients. From the inception of a client relationship our goal is to develop and implement a plan of action, working within both the legal and mental health/health care systems.


For further information about our mental health law practice, please contact our law firm on Long Island at 516-592-5857.

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