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New York State recently passed a law that will allow for the sealing of prior criminal conviction records for certain offenders. The new law, Criminal Procedure Law 160.59, will go into effect in October 2017.


Record sealing under the new law means that all “official records and papers relating to the arrests, prosecution, and convictions, including any duplicates and copies, on file with the division of criminal justice services or any court will be sealed and not made available to any person or public or private agency,” with some exceptions.


Some of the many benefits of record sealing include:

  • Prior criminal conviction records will no longer be available to the public (via internet search, search of public records, etc.).
  • Background checks from public and private employers, and occupational licensing agencies, will show negative results for a prior criminal conviction record.
  • New York State law prohibits public and private employers, and occupational licensing agencies, from asking about sealed convictions or from taking adverse action because of a sealed conviction.

Those eligible should consider retaining counsel to take advantage of the new sealing law when it comes into effect in October 2017. Please contact us if we may be of service.

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