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Changes to Fair Labor Standards Act Effective 12.1.16

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Client Alert : Changes to Fair Labor Standards Act Effective 12.1.16:


Sharon P. Stiller, Esq. & Eric Broutman, Esq.


Is your business out of compliance with the Labor laws?


As of December 1, 2016, employees who have exempt white collar duties, such as professional, managerial or administrative workers, must be paid at least $913 per week ($47,476 per year) in order to meet the salary threshold prong of the Fair Labor Standards Act exemption.  While employees with computer analytical duties who meet the duties test still may be paid on an hourly basis of $27.63 per hour, if they are paid on a salaried basis, they must be paid at least $913 per week.


All businesses should review how each employee is being paid.  This also provides an excellent opportunity to update job descriptions, and to make sure that workers classified as exempt truly meet the labor department standards.


Should you need help in performing this analysis, contact our Employment Law Group, directed by Sharon Stiller at [email protected] (585-218-9999) or Eric Broutman at [email protected] (516-328-2300).


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