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Abrams Fensterman and Morrell Kosher Caterers Team up to Support Long Island Charities

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PRLog (Press Release) LAKE SUCCESS, NY, Jan. 17, 2013 — In the wake of Super Storm Sandy and the hardship that has fallen on an untold number of Long Island victims, two venerable Long Island brands, Abrams Fensterman, LLP, the Lake Success-based law firm, and Morrell Kosher Caterers serving Woodbury Jewish Center, Temple Israel of Lawrence and Temple Beth Torah of Melville, have agreed to drop legal charges against one another and to pick up the pieces of a twenty-plus-year business and personal relationship.

“We have all been through a great deal over the past few months and Scott Morrell and I agreed that our misunderstandings and differences pale in comparison to the tragedy that still consumes so much of Long Island. This is a time that demands a strong business base on Long Island and, with the support of friends and colleagues, we’ve come to realize that by putting aside the matters that have consumed a great deal of time over the past two years, our businesses would be better off and our energies could be used to support a better cause.”

Howard Fensterman, Managing Partner

“Howard and I are strong-willed people who have found great success on Long Island,” said Scott Morrell. “Individually, we have supported charitable causes as an expression of our commitment to the residents of Long Island and as a way of paying back for our good fortune. By putting our differences aside, we have salvaged, in the wake of Sandy, a long-term relationship, and we are now determined to share, in a combined effort, our success with others who are in need.”


As an example of what the two Long Island institutions might accomplished in the future, Morrell and his staff catered a Sandy relief fundraiser at Woodbury Jewish Center on November 28th, with all proceeds going to New York Cares for the families of Super Storm Sandy.


Additionally, Mr. Morrell used the occasion of mending fences with Mr. Fensterman to further announce that the Abrams Fensterman law firm will again be part of the legal team that will be handling various corporate legal matters for Morrell Caterers.


“The future is sure to present as many opportunities as challenges,” said Morrell. “With Howard and his firm once again at our side, Morrell Caterers will be well positioned to fully optimize the potential of our people and our brand.”


Howard Fensterman and Scott Morrell have decided to empower a group of their employees to decide on a number of Long Island-based charitable causes that would benefit from financial and “in-kind” contributions. The team will also present, for Fensterman’s and Morrell’s consideration, a number of unique ways in which the two organizations can best apply their talents and services to those targeted as most in need.

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