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Recalled Artificial Hip Implants Generating Product Liability Lawsuits

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Recently, Johnson & Johnson and its orthopedic implant subsidiary, DePuy, Inc., issued a worldwide recall of one of their much touted artificial hip implants. The implant, which was designed to last at least 15 years, has experienced catastrophic failures. These failures cause the components to loosen, fracture bone around the implant, and deposit metal sludge and fragments in the surrounding tissues and bloodstream.


Of the 93,000 patients worldwide who received the implant, about one-third are in the United States. De Puy’s ASR Hip Resurfacing System and ASR XL Acetabular System were originally promoted as a design which would last longer than its competitor products, but has instead been failing at unusually high rates. It has been alleged that DePuy received repeated warnings about the failure rates of its product and that surgeons were abandoning its use. Last year DePuy began phasing out this device, and has now issued a general recall. Patients are being advised that whether or not their DePuy implant has begun to fail, they should have it replaced as soon as practicable.


Abrams Fensterman litigation partner Michael S. Kelton has extensive experience in representing patients in asserting product liability claims against manufacturers of defective medical devices such as DePuy. You can reach Mr. Kelton at 212-279-9200, ext. 320.

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