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New Law Takes Effect Today


All Employers to Provide Training to All Employees – State guidelines offer compliance recommendations


As we have been alerting you for several months…..


Today – October 9, 2018:


A new State law mandating sexual harassment training for all employees takes effect. Employers have one year to comply.


On April 1, 2019:


A new City law mandating training for all employees in workplaces with 15 or more employees, takes effect.


Last week, on October 2, the State released a set of guidelines for the new law.


In those materials were “Frequently Asked Questions.” Please note the recommendations highlighted on pages 5,7, and 8.


While webinars are the right choice for many small businesses, larger organizations with multiple levels of employees are advised to provide more in-depth programming.


Please note that the new laws both have posting requirements and recommendations. The State law also includes the requirement that all businesses have a policy that is distributed to all employees.


If we can help you with your policy or training, please let us know. We will be providing information on our series of webinars soon.


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