Stuck In Place: Collaborative Solutions for Complex Clients

June 10, 2015

McLean Hospital and CooperRiis Healing Community are pleased to bring you this important panel discussion about finding a way forward with clients who face major mental illness, legal complications, addition issues and/or gender or sexual identity issues. Drawing from diverse backgrounds and areas of expertise, the four panelists will discuss the complex individuals who often leave us scratching our heads, unsure of the path forward.

The intention of this gathering is to bring informal networks together to help frame issues, develop recommendations, and chart a course for better mental health and addiction recovery outcomes for all.

Panelists include:

Hilary Smith Connery, M.D., PhD., Clinical Director of the McLean Hospital Alcohol and Drug Abuse Treatment Program.

Jack Drescher, M.D., Psychiatrist and Psychoanalyst in New York City specializing in sexual and gender identity issues.

Virgil Stucker, M.B.A., Executive Director of CooperRiis Healing Community.

Carolyn Reinach Wolf, J.D., M.B.A., M.S., Executive Partner and Director of the firms Mental Health Law practice at Abrams, Fensterman, Fensterman, Eisman, Formato, Ferrara and Wolf, LLP.

The panelists will first speak about their areas of expertise when it comes to helping these individuals navigate complex challenges. The discussion will then turn, guided by questions from the audience, to how psychiatric hospitals, healing communities, therapists, attorneys and psychiatrists partner to help these individuals and their families discover paths towards recovery, growth and independence. Several vignettes will be discussed in addition to solutions and tools used to address specific, complex issues.

When: Wednesday, June 10th, 11:30am-2:30pm (Lunch included)

Where: McLean Hospital, Pierce Hall, DeMarneffe Building - Belmont, MA