Criminal Defense, White Collar Criminal Defense & Government Investigations

At Abrams Fensterman, our attorneys have a vast array of experience representing individuals and businesses at the investigative, trial and post-conviction stages in federal and state courts in New York and throughout the country. We zealously advocate for our clients in white collar and other criminal matters in the pursuit of optimum results. We understand that our clients are facing criminal prosecution and that their liberty and livelihoods are generally at stake, and we are dedicated to fighting tirelessly for each of our clients through the entire process. Our criminal defense team is composed of exceptionally skilled litigators, including former prosecutors and judges. Our attorneys have won numerous trials and appeals and have had tremendous success in preventing government prosecutions, negotiating extremely favorable dispositions and helping our clients escape damaging media attention and reputational harm.

Our team has extensive expertise representing people being investigated for or charged with a wide variety of high-stakes white collar and non-white collar crimes including but not limited to the following.

insider trading assault
securities fraud obstruction of justice
mail and wire fraud witness tampering
bank fraud public corruption
immigration fraud campaign finance violations
insurance and health care fraud embezzlement
racketeering and organized crime bribery
murder money laundering
rape and other sex offenses illegal gambling
cybercrimes tax fraud
perjury drug crimes

We are masterful at identifying weaknesses in the prosecution’s case and strategizing on how to obtain the best possible results, whether it be through negotiations or at trial. Our attorneys are highly accomplished in the courtroom, from successfully persuading judges to suppress evidence or dismiss charges to convincing juries that our clients have been wrongfully charged and must be acquitted. We understand the difficulty of the situations our clients, their families and their businesses face and provide compassionate, unrelenting advocacy to ensure the best achievable outcome.

For further information about how our attorneys can assist you, please contact our law firm on Long Island at 516-328-2300, in Brooklyn at 718-215-5300, in White Plains at 914-607-7010, in Rochester at 585-218-9999 or in Albany at 518-535-9477 to schedule an initial consultation.

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