Wrongful Termination

Abrams Fensterman has experience representing businesses, health care facilities, agencies and individuals in disputes involving allegations of wrongful termination. Our employment lawyers have a comprehensive understanding of unfair firing practices, which they use to negotiate resolutions or fight for clients' interests in court.

Some of the wrongful termination issues we can handle involve

  • Discrimination (firing someone on the basis of race, age, culture, pregnancy, religion or another protected status)
  • Harassment
  • Whistleblower claims
  • Breach of contract claims
  • Violation of privacy rights
  • Reduction in force lawsuits

Employment Law Lawyers Handling Unfair Firing Claims

Our attorneys advise and represent clients on compliance and practices involving the hiring and firing of employees. Our early involvement can help clients avoid potential lawsuits by taking measures to protect their rights at the front end.

If a dispute does arise, our understanding of unfair firing from both the employer and employee sides often proves to be a valuable advantage. In representing our clients, we immediately begin investigating the wrongful termination claim, looking for major gaps in the lawsuit as well as gray areas that could be interpreted differently depending on the perspective. We work to put together strong and persuasive cases that tell our clients' side of the story and aim to protect their interests.

For more information, or to discuss your wrongful termination lawsuit with an experienced employment law attorney, contact our law firm on Long Island at 516-328-2300, in Brooklyn at 718-215-5300, White Plains at 914-607-7010, Rochester at 585-218-9999 or Albany at 518-535-9477 to schedule an initial consultation.


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