Employment Litigation

Sometimes, despite the best of intentions, lawsuits cannot be avoided. When businesses make the hard decisions such as terminating non-performing workers or disciplining workers for inappropriate conduct, litigation is threatened.

Our seasoned attorneys are experienced at employment litigation in federal and State courts, as well as before administrative agencies.

The following three cases concluded in 2013 are but a few examples of the firm’s extensive employment litigation practice.

Pregnancy discrimination claim: Our attorneys represented a business that had terminated a non-performing worker. The worker claimed pregnancy discrimination. Our attorneys succeeded in obtaining dismissal of the claim by the federal district Court for the Eastern District of New York.

Military service discrimination claim: In another case, our attorneys represented a New York business in Chicago federal court. A former employee claimed that the business had violated the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act. After extensive depositions and motions, the claimant withdrew his claim.

Tortious interference with contractual relations: In yet another case, a co-worker brought a claim against our client, alleging that she had caused his termination and prevented him from being offered another job. We successfully persuaded the Court in Rochester to dismiss the claim, and to award sanctions against both the Plaintiff and opposing counsel for bringing a frivolous claim.

We recognize that all situations are different and that these cases do not mean that you will obtain the same result. What our attorneys will give you is the same knowledgeable, focused, and practical representation that our clients have come to expect from our firm.

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