Compliance and Consultation

Staying out of lawsuits is more often about good choices than good litigators, and businesses need to be able to rely on their employment law advisors. Especially in this fast-changing landscape of employment law and regulation, it is essential for businesses to stay ahead of developments. Our compliance services include handbook and policy review and drafting, training, investigations, legal updates, consultation, and audits.

All too often businesses don’t find out that they are doing things wrong until after they are audited by the State or Federal Labor Departments. Misclassification of salaried and exempt workers, or wildly disparate wages between people of similar skills and experience, can cost a business hundreds of thousands of dollars. Correcting these types of issues before the authorities show up is essential. We provide custom-tailored employment audits designed to detect these issues before they become problems.

Our team will also counsel and advise on day-to-day workplace matters as they arise, will draft relevant documents, counsels clients in negotiations of employment agreements and severance,

While the issue your business is facing might be the first time you’ve faced it, our attorneys’ experience lets us provide prompt and practical advice. Good choices often help to avoid litigation, or when litigation cannot be avoided, help to prepare our employers to defend and win.

For further information about the employment law services at Abrams Fensterman, please contact our law firm on Long Island at 516-328-2300, in Brooklyn at 718-215-5300, White Plains at 914-607-7010, Rochester at 585-218-9999 or Albany at 518-535-9477 to schedule an initial consultation.


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