Negligence & Personal Injury Litigation

Abrams Fensterman represents clients in all types of personal injury claims. From wrongful death claims to construction accidents to automobile accidents, our personal injury attorneys at Abrams Fensterman have recovered millions of dollars on behalf of injured clients and their families. (Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome.) Our team has extensive experience fearlessly taking on insurance companies, corporations and government officials in order to compensate our clients for their injuries.

Our attorneys who are also licensed healthcare professionals assist in evaluating and prosecuting our Personal Injury cases.

Our personal injury lawyers handle a range of personal injury and wrongful death cases, including:

  • Motor vehicle accidents - crashes, collisions and wrecks involving cars, trucks, motorcycles, taxis, trains, and subways
  • Premises liability accidents - construction site accidents, industrial accidents, landlord liability, municipal liability, and slip, trip and fall accidents
  • Workplace accidents - burns, electrocutions, fires, explosions, and falls from ladders, cranes and scaffolding
  • Wrongful death - lawsuits filed by surviving dependents or beneficiaries

Our personal injury lawyers realize that injuries and especially wrongful death are difficult both financially and emotionally for the injured person and his or her family. Therefore, our lawyers are tough on adversaries, but are always caring and respectful to clients and their families.

For further information about our personal injury practice, please contact our law firm in Long Island at 516-328-2300, Manhattan at 212-279-9200, Brooklyn at 718-272-6040 or Rochester, New York, at 585-218-9999, to schedule an initial consultation.


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