By Gregory Choi, Barbara Phair, Jeffrey Neuman and Nancy Levitin

For the duration of the COVID-19 emergency, there are only two ways to make submissions to the New York City Human Resources Administration: Submissions can be made either electronically via EDITS, or manually via fax.

For electronic submissions via EDITS, nothing has changed. In fact, EDITS subscribers are required to continue using the program to make all submissions to the Medical Assistance Program Nursing Homes Eligibility Division (MAP).

For manual submissions, effective immediately MAP will only accept applications, documents, and requests that are transmitted to the Agency via efax. In light of this change, nursing homes should refrain from sending any type of correspondence to HRA by mail, including by the United States Postal Service (USPS), UPS, Federal Express, etc.

NYC HRA has dedicated the following fax numbers to the different types of submissions:

  • New applications: (917) 639-0735
  • Undercare/Conversions/MLTC upgrade requests: (917) 639-0736
  • Deferrals: (917) 639-0679
  • Expedited Discharge: (917) 639-0687

For other changes in effect during the COVID-19 emergency please refer to our firm’s April 1, 2020 CLIENT ALERT – IMPORTANT CHANGES IMPACTING NURSING HOME REIMBURSEMENT DURING THE COVID-19 EMERGENCY, and know that we are here to help you secure reimbursement during these unprecedented and difficult times.

Should you have specific concerns or questions about any of the above issues as they relate to your facility, feel free to contact Gregory S. Choi, Esq., Barbara S. Phair, Esq., Jeffrey Neuman, Esq., Nancy Levitin, Esq. or any Abrams Fensterman healthcare attorney at (516) 328-2300.